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03-17-2012, 07:46 AM
I really had to struggle to decide which forum to post this one in.

Have any of you heard of a chastity catheter ?

Brand new to me ! But I am going to cut and paste directly from the website that advocates them and let you decide what you think about it.

Warning. NSFW.
In fact it seemed at first extremely bizarre but then..... or.. and then... well... ummm ?

Umm. yes.
Ok.. here it is and quoting directly from the site.

You're only a few "clicks" away from joining the premier community of Women employing the latex rubber urological catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Erotic-Relationships/surgical-gloves.htm) upon their Male partners to keep them chaste, faithful, and pure of heart.

The latex rubber urological catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Erotic-Relationships/urological-catheters.htm) is a gentle, comfortable and effective penis chastity (http://www.new-age-love.com/search-penis-chastity.htm) device.

Employing the latex rubber catheter as a penis chastity (http://www.new-age-love.com/search-penis-chastity.htm) device, takes orgasm denial to new heights. It disrupts and denies the Male wearer his ability to attain an erection.

The chastity catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Erotic-Relationships/personal-ads.htm) of choice is the Foley 2-way latex rubber urological catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Erotic-Relationships/latex-rubber-catheters.htm). It has a "balloon" at the tip, that is inflated after insertion, to hold it in place.

A urine collection bag is utilized intially while the Male is drained. For freedom of movement a plug can replace the collection bag to allow urine retention. This allows the Male to urinate "normally", by removing the plug while standing over the toilet or urinal, to empty his full bladder (see: image below). It is normal for the Male to wear a chastity catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization.php) for up to 15 days at a time.

If a urine collection leg bag is utilized with the chastity catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-01.php), the sensations the Male experiences is that of continuous, uncontrolled urination.

Installation of the chastity catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-02.php) can be accomplished in any position: standing, sitting, or laying down. The favorite, to relay the impressions of a Female submitting to sexual intercourse, is on his back with hips elevated upon a pillow. His legs spread apart and knees drawn up slightly. The Female partner kneels between his open loins, with his hips in position between her legs, and his knees draped over her thighs.

Installing the chastity catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-03.php) takes mere moments. Once insertion into the urethra is started, it cannot be thwarted; even by the most unruly, uncooperative Male partner. Our experience shows, that if the urethra is gently held open, at the tip of the penis, your Male subject won't even be aware that a chastity catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-04.php) is being inserted until it's much too late to resist.
As a paid Male member of New Age Love, you will have access to Women looking to employ this technique within a loving, caring relationship, while guiding you through the intricacies of meeting their most intimate needs.

As the dominant Female partner, nothing will be more deeply personal to him than the sensations derived by insertion of the chastity catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-05.php). This will make it possible for him to form a closer, more intimate relationship, as a result of your "sexual penetration" of him.

Men regard having sex as "getting some pee-hole". With the insertion of a chastity catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-06.php), the Female is literally, "getting some pee-hole". The act of insertion is regarded as carnal knowledge (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-07.php) in the truest sense.

While installed, the Male will be utterly incapable of attaining an erection. If a Male can't become erect, his fidelity becomes a moot point, because he won't be able to participate in sexual activity as a man.

Man's most treasured possession is his erect penis (http://www.new-age-love.com/search-erect-penis.htm). Take this away and you take the full measure of his manhood.

The latex rubber urological catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-08.php) is also employed to keep the Male partner focused upon the subject at hand, usually while being trained in the proper techniques of sexually gratifying his Female partner. Used in this capacity, it prevents the Male from becoming erect. A Male who's permitted an erection, will focus only on pleasing himself. Thus, this method of inducing impotence (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-09.php) to keep the penis flaccid is employed.

In time, due to psychological reasons, the chastity catheter will induce impotence (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-10.php) when not employed. This is a temporary condition that will pass in time. During these times, your male partner is induced to ejaculate with a flaccid penis (http://www.new-age-love.com/search-flaccid-penis.htm) by the insertion of your finger, clad in a latex rubber glove and heavily lubricated, into his rectum and finger fucked (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-11.php) while you masturbate him. To increase his sexual arousal, he's to be forced to sniff the intimate scent from a pair of your soiled panties. During ejaculation, the Female will feel a series of muscular contractions around her deeply embedded finger, as the male squirts his semen.

Being induced to ejaculate in this manner is humiliating to the male and demonstrates your absolute authority, and subjugation of his manhood. Some women will twist their male partners around, into a postion that allows them to ejaculate into their own mouths. Eventually, the male can be forced to suck his own flaccid penis (http://www.new-age-love.com/search-flaccid-penis.htm), then induced to ejaculate by finger fucking (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-12.php).

Penis chastity plays a major role in Male Feminization (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-14.php) through forced impotence (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-13.php). This allows the male partner to concentrate on his responsibility of providing sexual gratification to his partner. Male Feminization (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-15.php) techniques can be employed upon a receptive male that takes his responsibilities to his female partner seriously, or within a BDSM relationship in which it becomes known as Forced Feminization (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-16.php).

Other factors, other than the chastity catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-18.php), that play an important role in Male Feminization (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-17.php) are as follows:

Crossdressing (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-19.php) in intimate feminine attire to portray his new role. This places him into a realistic setting in which to be trained to respond to your intimate needs.
The removal of all body hair through shaving. A shaved male will develope a fetish for crossdressing (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-20.php) in intimate feminine attire due to the erotic sensations from the material against his skin.
Submitting to your most intimate needs through the employment of restraints, as needed.

Using a chastity catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-24.php) to Feminize your male partner will not make him into a faggot or sissy-boy to the world at large. To his friends, family, and outside world he will still portray the "normal" dominant male of the species.

Chastity Catheters (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-21.php) are available through our online store. They can be purchased only by Females with paid memberships. Males seeking to experience the joys derived from a latex rubber chastity catheter (http://www.new-age-love.com/Member/male-feminization-22.php), are encouraged to become paid members of New Age Love, and find their life's parter. Those that elect this route to relationship ecstasy will need to choose "Men looking to become better Lovers" within their membership profile area.

OK !
Whew !

My girlfriend found this through a forum she frequents and saved the page for me.
I don't quite know how to digest this.

It is so, so, so wrong.. and yet so, so, so titillating.. in a very weird way.:roll:

It both frightens and attracts me. It seems dangerous and yet the website assures it is completely safe.
Well, (safe for fifteen days).

How fucking humiliating is That ?

But I seriously have to know what the rest of you think.

03-17-2012, 08:28 AM
Inserting catheters is something you should not do unless you are trained to do it and take all the necessary precautions to prevent infection. You can do damage if you don't do it properly.

It can also be painful. I speak from experience. When I was in the hospital with my knee operation about 5 hours post-op, I needed to urinate and could not. So they decided to insert a catheter. Three technicians and 4 catheters (two different types) later they still did not have it in. One of the techs was even from the urology ward.

Luckily Mrs. Mule (the nurse) was in the room with us as they discussed sending me back down to the OR to have the urologist put a catheter back in. She said, "stand him up." They looked at her and she repeated, "Stand him up." They looked at me and I nodded. So they put a walker next to the bed and I pulled myself up on it and dragged myself to the bathroom. followed by two techs who both were at the ready to keep me from falling (luckily I was stable) and to drag along the IV and whatever else I was hooked up to. I was able to urinate, but it burned a lot from all the irritation. The burning went away in about a day.

The point is that they swabbed my penis down with antiseptic on each attempt, even though it was still wet from the last attempt.

The other takeaway from this is that in some older men (like me) the bladder flops over when they are laying down and crimps the tube. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - it means that they can pull an "all nighter" (sleep through the night without going to the bathroom). The bladder settles in when they stand up. So the position of the man's body when the catheter is inserted is important. Leave it to a 60-year old nurse to figure that one out.

This is an anatomical lesson I would have rather learned from a book than through trial and error with my own body.

Now there are people who, for medical reasons, do insert their own catheters. These people are women. I do not know if self-catheterization is recommended for men. These women have been trained to do it. So if you want to engage in this kind of play get the proper training.

03-17-2012, 10:43 AM
I have real difficulties getting my head around this. I do get excited by really weird things but this sort of physical interference of a member that could cause severely debilitating problems if it went wrong - is it really worth it?

03-17-2012, 05:40 PM
Scary but being totally at the whim of the Mistress/my wife is a thrilling thought. I think it would be fun to employ this technique every now and then as a reminder of the Domme's power over the sub. I would not want this done on a regular basis.

04-02-2012, 11:37 PM
If you google catheters and do the Wikipedia thing it does seem that there are dangers. The website I visited downplayed them but clearly it is not entirely without issues. On the other hand it is done in hospitals all the time as a part of routine surgeries.

I think I trust Mrs. Mule on this one.

04-03-2012, 08:28 AM
My Mistress has spoken to me about catheters. All part of a process of mentally preparing me or just simply raising the fear stakes?
First of all the catheters she uses are surgical quality. They are all sterilised again to surgical level immediately before and after use. Eliminating the risk of infection is paramount to her. That said even in a hospital infections do sometimes occur as a result of catheter insertion. Fortunately not an overly common occurrence.
She did go on to tell various horror stories where submissives have been debilitated for weeks and in one case for several months when an infection took hold.
Would I consider it? I might, but would not really know until the moment came. I say this knowing how difficult I found the prospect of needles and yet now they are something I love, they take you so fast into sub space your feet don't touch.
Would I consider a catheter by somebody who was not technically skilled and had no comprehension of the risks not in a million years.