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11-02-2006, 02:22 AM
Cassandra was not only cruel, and a true believer in Feminine superiority, She was also wickedly ingenious at finding new ways to maximise Her slave?s suffering with the minimum effort on Her part.

Today She woke early, with the tingle of excitement that came from having dreamed up a new torment for him. She flicked the switch that stopped the agonising jolts of electricity which tore at his cock and nipples for 2 minutes each hour , on the hour, and released the right wrist manacle, so that he could release the remaining bonds that secured him spread-eagled at the foot of Her bed. ?Thank you Mistress? he whispered, hoarsely.

She regarded him, disdainfully. ?You useless piece of shit?, She said, slapping him hard about the face. ?All I ask of you is to spend a lousy couple of minutes each hour worshipping me whilst I sleep, without waking Me, you can?t even manage that.? She moved Her face very close to his and he began to tremble with the combination of Her fragrance and his fear. ?You cried out during the 2 a.m. punishment, and woke me, didn?t you??

He dared not shift his gaze from Her feet. ?I?m very sorry Mistress?, he said.

She watched him for a moment before speaking again. ?Sorry? Not yet you aren?t, but you are going to be? she said with such conviction that he felt the knot of fear in his stomach tighten further.

The rest of the morning took it?s usual course, he served Her breakfast, helped Her bathe and dress, and knelt at Her feet as she read the morning papers. Quite casually, She asked about the weather, it was high summer and the temperature had been unbearable outside the air-conditioning for several days. The slave glanced out at the
outdoor thermometer, and reported that it was 122 degrees, hotter even that the day before.

?Oh good,? She said, ?nice and hot, and still only 10:30? She motioned towards the patio door, where 2 wooden stakes, a hammer, some cord and a pair of handcuffs lay.

?Take those outside, find a spot on the lawn which is in the sun and easy for me to see from here. Kneel, and part your knees as far as you can, then drive a stake in by each knee and secure your knees to the stakes. Make sure the stakes won?t come loose if you struggle, if they do, you will regret it. Then, handcuff your wrists behind your back. Call me when you are done.? She instructed.

The slave now realised the ordeal that lay before him, but stepping out into the blistering heat of the backyard, carefully closing the door to preserve the cool air-conditioned comfort of his Mistress, he did as he had been ordered.

?I am secured Mistress, as you ordered? he called out, and She came to the window and looked out at him.

Already, he was bathed in sweat and his mouth was dry. There was no comfortable position to adopt, he could only try to relieve the ache in his muscles by shifting his position the tiny amount his bonds would permit. The heat increased as the day wore on, and whilst he had no way to keep track of time, it was certain that many hours had passed. The thermometer gave little comfort as it rose to 140 degrees. On occasion, he would see his Mistress, regarding him from the cool comfort of the house, but he knew, without being told, that since this was a punishment for crying out last night, he must not cry out to her for mercy, for water, for anything. He was almost delirious with the heat, and more desperately thirsty than he had even been in his life, when finally he heard the patio door open and the click of Her heels on the path. He battled to open his eyes. His gaze focussed on Her finally, as She stood above him,holding a glass of chilled white wine glistening with condensation. She watched his suffering almost with disinterest, as She sipped the wine.

?I suppose you think that this was your punishment, my way of making you sorry?, She laughed. He could no longer speak, but nodded dumbly. ?Oh my no, this was just the warm up?, She smiled. ?Now you?re going to suffer properly, I?ll give you something to cry out about?. The slave gazed up with wide eyed terror, as She took a step back, then kicked his exposed cock and balls hard. The slave managed a few strangled scream at first, but as She continued to kick and kick again, pausing occasionally to refresh herself with the wine he could manage only a low whimper.

Finally, after several minutes, even the whimpers stopped, the only sound he could make was the urgent gasping for breath. ?That?s more like it?, She said, regarding the trembling bruised and exhausted heap of suffering at Her feet. She looked at the glass in her hand, still a quarter full, and bent down, as if to offer him a sip, before pouring it into the grass with a cruel laugh. ?You can stay here and think about how you disturbed my sleep last night for a few more hours? She spat ?I?m going out for drinks with Sarah and Mel? and She turned and walked away.

The slave was still vibrating with agony, his breath shallow and ragged, but he was pleased to have paid the price for having disturbed his Mistress, and it was clear to him that even all his hours of suffering were as nothing compared to the disturbance of his Mistress?s sleep.

11-05-2006, 06:41 PM
nice story, I like the way the mistress treats the slave like nothing, like's he's not even worth kicking.