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Keds Sneaker Fetish

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Sneaker fetish is probably among the least common fetishes however sneakers have a long history in fetish magazines and adult content like the first 2 attached images.

More interesting is that to me the next 2 images are far more erotic. There is nothing more attractive and sexually overwhelming to me then a well dressed women wearing a pristine pair of classic Keds.

Many female Actors like Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Lauren Hutton, Jacklyn Smith, and Audry Hepburn have all helped burn this fetish deep into my sole.

The blonde is the same girl as my profile. Jesus she enjoys teasing me:)
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  1. Mule's Avatar
    I'm with you on this Seeker. The latter two pictures could be any woman, anywhere. Do these women (I mean the ones you see on the street) know what they are doing to us?
  2. SwtMistressS's Avatar
    Why don't people in porn ever know how to wear make-up?

    And I hope she knows what she's doing. Its more fun for me to imagine so! hehe Although when I wear them I've never imagined it being wanking material for someone. Well, until I met you people. I enjoy a lot of foot/shoe/boot play etc. I saw on one of the sites you guys have the how-to info on sneaker play. I'll have to give it a go when I get the beast back in reach... shhhh dun tell!
  3. Mule's Avatar
    Sure, that's the one thing I have to give SwtMistressS: more ideas! I assure you all the methods work. They have been personally tested. :razz:

    Contrary to what I said in one of my posts, I do go in for fetish wear: a very particular type of fetish wear.

    This is one area where Mrs. Mule indulges me eagerly. It turns something on inside her to know that she can tease me without really trying. She's not beyond using a fetish object to get to me. Or as SwtMistressS said in another post, "use the tools of the trade."
  4. Seeker's Avatar
    A wise person once said "Women dress to empress other women not men" I think that wise person was you. While I don't entirely agree I think it may be true a great deal of the time.

    Aimee (the blonde) & Kylie (brunette) both know exactly what to wear to get a reaction from me and do it without mercy.
  5. Mule's Avatar
    What do you say, Seeker? Should we open up a thread about Keds and Domination? Kedomination? I think I'll bring this up in the other group :-).


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