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Thread: Extended tease and orgasm delay/denial

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    Default Extended tease and orgasm delay/denial

    I know we've discussed this before.... but it was mostly the subs who were talking.

    I'd love to hear what it is about this particular activity that gets the ladies going... what they particularly like about it... what their favorite tricks are...

    Most here know it's one of my favorite things... and yet also one of those things I'd almost rather not endure... It's kind of a "I love to hate it" kind of thing.

    There's something intoxocating about my whole being screaming at me toorgasm and not being able to... not being in a position to take myself over the edge that's both wonderful and terrible at the same time.

    So let's hear from everyone... what do you like, not like... or do you not do it at all, and why not?


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    Hi bill,

    Teasing and denial is a very natural activity. Heck, no props are needed to do it and most women, if they understand how to properly wield their feminine power, use it even if they may not necessarily claim femdom.

    What about it gets me going? The begging, pleading, saying and doing anything I request. More whining and begging, more moaning, him calling on a higher power to release him from the torture. Does it get any better than that!

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